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Lolitas Castle

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 07:39:50 -0800 (PST)From: Tim Mead Subject: Dr. Tim and the Boys ch. 5The following story is fiction. It involvessexually explicit erotic events between males. If youare offended by such material, are too young, or livein an area where it is not allowed, don't read it. Inthe world of this story, the characters don't alwaysuse condoms. In the real world, everyone shouldpractice safe sex.The author retains all rights. No reproductions orlinks to other sites are allowed without the author'sconsent.I want to thank Evan, Patrick, Ash, and Tom W. forlots of helpful ideas and for steadfast encouragementas I work on this story. If it's any good, it'sbecause of their help. If it's not, it's my fault.The narrative entitled "Icy's Revenge" in this chapterwas written by my friend, editor, and collaborator,Tom W. Thanks, Tom, for bringing Trey to life for us.-Timtimmead88Yahoo.comChapter 5: What the Doctor OrderedAfter spending Lolitas Castle a landmark Sunday with Tim, Cedricreturned to his apartment, where he found his roommatesprawled on the sofa, reading.Mark took off the black, wire-rimmed glasses with thetiny lenses that he wore only at home and said, "I wasbeginning to think Mead had done away with you. YouOK?""Better than OK. It was awesome!" Cedric said, hisface wreathed in a smile."So give.""Markie, I'm in love!""Ced, you've been in love with the little guy allsemester. Now, are you going to tell me what happened?Obviously whatever it was, it was good.""OK, from the beginning, but I'll spare you some ofthe sexy details.""I hope so.""He told me later that when I knocked on his door, hehad just gotten out of the shower and pulled on someshorts.""So there he was, in all his scrawny, pale, glory."Trying to look menacing, Cedric asked, "Are you gonnalet me tell this my way, or do I have to straightenyou out, man?""OK, OK. I give," Mark said, laughing."Well, when he opened the door, the first thing I sawwas `Cocksucker' written in black marker across hischest. I almost lost it right then.""You were going to laugh at him?""No, moron. I felt like crying. How could Chaz andTrey do something like that to Tim?""Seems nasty to me, but they thought they were gettingback at him for your midterm F.""Dammit, they might have checked with me first!""Agreed.""Well, Mark, you have to take some of the blame, too.You were there in his office and again the next nightwith Chaz and Trey when they did all those shittythings to him.""Yeah, I know." Mark paused, looking thoughtful. And,man, you know how sorry I am I got involved in that atall.""Hey, babe, at least you blew the whistle beforethings got worse.""So, go on with your story.""Tim looked like he didn't know whether to invite mein or slam the door in my face. But he did let me in.He asked me about Keesha. Think of it. After allTrey and Chaz put him through the night before, heasked about my sister!"Mark looked sympathetic but didn't offer any comment."Then I told him I didn't know about any of the thingsyou guys did to him while I was away. I told him yougave me the disk with the pix on it and that thereweren't any copies. I told him that I had fixed it sothat you guys [Mark grimaced at that] wouldn't botherhim any more.""I suppose at that point he could have thrown you out.Obviously he didn't.""Mark, it was the most amazing thing. When I gave himthe cd, tears began streaming down his face.""Poor guy. We really were nasty to him, I guess.""You guess? Markie, you know I love you. But I am sopissed with you guys. At least you had the decency toback out of the things on Saturday night and give methe disk. If you hadn't, bro, I think you and I wouldhave had some serious issues.""Ced, I'll do anything I can to make it up to you andDr. Mead. Now, though, I'd like to know what elsehappened. You've been gone all day, man."Cedric smiled. "To make a long story short, I pickedhim up, took him to his bedroom, and spent the morningmaking him feel good.""He went along with that?""Markie, what you don't understand, honey, is that Cedcan really make a man feel good! Timmy got a morningof bliss, culminating in the blow job of his life!""OK, Ced, I think now you're telling me more than Iwanted to know. Then what happened?""We had lunch, talked for a while, and went back tobed.""I'm afraid to ask what went on then.""Come on, you're dying to know, so I'll tell you. Hefucked me, and then we both slept for a while.""You let him fuck you?""Well, duh! I've wanted that since I first saw him atthe beginning of the term. I don't think it wouldever have occurred to him until I handed him the lubeand told him to use it.""Sheesh," Mark said, "when you want something, you AREdetermined!""I knew it was the only chance I'd ever have, so Itook it.""So you and, uh, Tim are cool?""He is so great. And so cute. I think we're lovers.""That was fast.""Yeah. But sweet.""Ced, I need to talk a little more about all this,OK?""Sure, bro, but I'm starved. Have you eaten?""No. Wanta order some Chinese?""Have we got Lolitas Castle anything here? I need something now."They settled on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches andmilk, followed by chocolate ice cream. Afterward theywent back to the living room and got comfortable, Markon the sofa again, Cedric in one of the overstuffedchairs."Ced, I told you last night about deciding to back outof what we originally planned for Mead?""Yeah?"I was more and more uneasy on Friday evening when wegot the little guy blitzed and then made him do allthose humiliating things. See, he was so high, hedidn't know what was up. Half the time he wasgiggling, laughing like it was all a big joke. Andthere I was, taking pictures of everything. When Igot back here and put them all on my pc, what we haddone really hit me. I had some sort of flash, what doyou call it?""An `epiphany,' maybe?""Yeah, probably. I wasn't raised to be vengeful. Iwas brought up in church. When I was old enough tochoose which parent I wanted to live with, it was aneasy choice. You know what a cool guy Pops is. EverySunday, he and I went to church together."Cedric didn't say anything, but he was clearlylistening intently."So, Friday night it Lolitas Castle hit me that what we were doingwas all wrong. We did it out of loyalty to you, mybrother, but it was just too cruel. My heart went outto the little guy. So I told Trey and Chaz that theycould count me out.""Better late than never, bro," Cedric said."I am really happy that you and Dr. Mead are together.You can help him get over this. And, Ced, I know howmuch you have wanted to get together with the littleprofessor. Lolitas Castle But I still feel so guilty. What can Ido?"Cedric smiled. "Markie, I think everything's going tobe cool. Tim has some ideas about how to get back atTrey and Chaz. Nothing as mean as what they did tohim, just enough to give them a little taste of theirown medicine. He wants to know if you will help us.""Ced, I see something now. Forcing anyone to have sexwhen they don't want to is bad. I'll Lolitas Castle help you and Timif it doesn't mean that our buddies are forced to dothings like that. Two wrongs don't make a right.""Mark, you don't usually talk in slogans, but I agreewith you. And I don't think Tim has anything in mindthat you'll object to.""OK, then I'd like to help," Mark said, smiling. "OldChaz, especially, needs to be taken down a peg. Hereally was the instigator of it all, you know.""Doesn't surprise me," Cedric said. "What IS hisproblem?""He's got issues, for sure.""OK, Mark. Here's the deal. First you gotta promisenot to tell the other guys that Tim has the cd withthe pix on it. Let them think you still have it.""OK. Lolitas Castle Lolitas Castle What else?""That's all for now. I'll let you know the next stepafter I've talked with Timmy about it.""Timmy, is it?"Cedric beamed again. "Yes."Then his face fell."What is it, Ced?""Oh, Mark, our buddies, those bastards, wrote `FuckHere' across his ass!""That sucks, man! It'll be a while before he can usethe gym again, won't it?""Poor guy. It sure will.""Well," Mark said, "maybe some payback IS in order."* * *The next morning, Tim had just gotten back to hisoffice after his 9:00 MWF class. He was sitting athis desk, sorting through some papers, when Cedriccame in. Tim stood up, took off his glasses, and laidthem on the desk. Cedric closed and locked the door.Then Tim came around the desk to meet Cedric, whoreached down and cupped Tim's balls with his righthand while with the left he pulled the back of Tim'shead forward into a kiss. It lasted so long both menwere breathing heavily when they broke apart."MMMMMMM!" Cedric moaned."Yeah, I've missed you, too, sexy," Tim said, smilingup at the taller man.Cedric put both hands on Tim's ass and pulled himagainst his own body.Laughing, Tim said, "Hey, lover, last Thursday nightin this very place, I wound up with my shorts full ofcum. If you're not careful, it's going to happenagain."Wagging his eyebrows, Cedric replied, "Let's go forit!""Behave yourself! We have things to talk about."Pretending to pout, Cedric sat in one of the chairs infront of the desk and said, "OK, if you insist."Instead of going behind his desk, Tim sat in a chairbeside Cedric. "First of all, there are those twoessays you owe me. I need something on one of theplays we've read. And how Lolitas Castle about a thousand-wordanalysis of one of the contemporary poems in theanthology? I want it to be something from the lastthirty years, and something we haven't talked about inclass.""I had gotten started on a discussion of the Fugardplay before I quit coming to class. Will that do?""Great, Ced. I'll be especially interested in yourtake on `Master Harold.'""Harold's a spoiled little racist shit. I'm Lolitas Castle moreinterested in the `boys.'""Of course. I didn't mean Harold. I meant the play.I hope, though, you will consider whether thecharacter Harold has any sort of epiphany. Is thereany atonement for him, any redemption?""I will NOW, professor. And I can do any poem in thetext that's within the last thirty years?""Yep. How soon do you think you can get that done?""Depends on how much time I spend in the sack withyou. Lolitas Castle If necessary, I could have them by, say,Thursday?""Look, babe, it's YOUR baseball eligibility I'mworrying about. Practice is about to begin, isn'tit?""I've already missed some practice. The season startsin another week. I've got a lot of catching up todo.""And you know that unless you catch up with youracademic work, there won't be any baseball to catch upwith."Ced smiled broadly at Tim and said, "Yassuh."Hitting him none too gently on the shoulder, Tim said,"You cut that out!""Yes, daddy. Now, sir, please. Can I ask aquestion?""You gave me a mind-blowing suck job yesterday, youpractically MADE me fuck you, and you want permissionto ask a question?""Well, yeah. That's kind of what it's about.""OK.""This, uh, `thing' between us isn't over, is it?""It better not be!""Then what about . . . living arrangements? Are wegoing to have to keep sneaking kisses and coppingfeels here in your office?""I've thought a lot about that this morning. In fact,I had trouble keeping my mind on what I was supposedto be doing in class. Here's the way it seems to me."He paused, but Cedric, looking at him expectantly, wasobviously waiting for more."First, how'd things go with Mark last night? Did youtwo have a chance to talk?""Yeah, we got a lot of stuff cleared up. Mark'sreally sorry. Said he really worried over the wholething. I think he's ashamed of what he did. And he'svery sensitive now about even the idea of forced sex.AND, he's willing to help with some kind of paybackfor Trey and Chaz.""You realize, don't you, that eventually there willhave to be some sort of, let's say, atonement forMark, too?""I suppose so. He WAS there on both Thursday andFriday nights. But maybe we could go easier on himthan on the other guys?""Agreed. Now, as for you and me, lover. My place ispretty small. I'd love to have you move in with me,but you wouldn't have any space. You'd have to sharemy bed and -""I PLAN to share your bed, Timmy, so get used to it!"Tim put his hand on Cedric's face, letting it restthere Lolitas Castle for a moment, and said, "I don't think I'd beable to do with out it. But I was going to say thatthere wouldn't be any place for you to put yourcomputer, no place to study.""Oh, yeah, right.""So you need to stay with Mark for a Lolitas Castle while. Then,maybe at some point you and I can look for a biggerplace for the two of us.""Awesome!""What would your parents think about that?""I'm pretty sure they'd be cool with it once I hadconvinced them that you weren't some old lech that hadhad his wicked way with me.""Great. Now, there's another reason for staying withMark, at least for the short term. You'll be justdown the hall from Chaz and Trey. And that will bevery handy.""Right. And it will give me time to get Mark used tothe idea that I'll be moving out.""Do you think that will be a problem for him?""Probably not. He won't have trouble finding someoneto share the place next year, and I don't think itwould even be a hardship for him to manage the rentwithout me. His dad's a lawyer, like mine, and theyboth do OK.""Meanwhile, studly, I want you to call me or come overwhenever you have some free time. There's something Iwant you to do for me."Tim stood up, took a step closer to where Ced wassitting, leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss. "Iwant you to fuck me."Cedric beamed at Tim and said, "Why not right here,right now?"Tim laughed and said, "Yeah, right.""Seriously!""No, idiot. Not here in my office."Cedric stood, took his friend's hands, and pulled himto his feet. Then he picked Tim up under the armpitsand set him on his desk."Here, Cedric, what ARE you doing?""You just sit still, little man," Cedric replied. Hepushed Tim Lolitas Castle back a little. Tim had to put his handsjust behind his butt on the desk to prop himself up.Cedric unbuckled, unfastened, and unzipped Tim'skhakis."Be open to new experiences, Dr. Mead," hesaid, laughing. "Take what comes. And right now,professor, you're gonna cum. In my mouth. So you justkeep quiet."Tim laughed and said, "You idiot! We can't do thisHERE!""We can and we are, so shaddup." Cedric found the flyof Tim's boxers, silk as usual, pulled Tim's alreadyhard cock out, and began licking the shaft. Then helicked a fairly good dollop of precum on the tip."Ohmygod," Tim said. "What if someone comes to thedoor?""Well, honey, if you'll just keep quiet, they won'tknow whether anyone's here or not. Now you just hushand let me do this." He went back to swirling histongue around the tip of Tim's cock. Tim closed hiseyes and bit his lip to keep from moaning withpleasure.Both men could hear voices and footsteps as peoplepassed in the hallway outside the office door.Softly, Tim muttered, "Ced, this is insane. We can'tbe doing this!"In reply, Cedric didn't take his mouth off of Tim'stool. Instead, he reached up and began to tweak bothTim's nipples, none too gently."Ced!" Tim nearly shrieked. Cedric squeezed hardenough that Tim's nips began to hurt. He got the ideathat he was to shut up and enjoy. The office was quietnow except for the slurping sounds of Ced sucking onTim and Tim's heavy breathing.Tim found himself in heaven because of what Cedric wasdoing, titillated by the danger of discovery, andnervous lest they, in fact, be discovered. He wasalso remembering that it was less than a week since hehad been subjected to forced masturbation by Trey andcolleagues. But this was different. Lolitas Castle He WANTED Ced tosuck him. He was still having trouble accepting thatCed apparently loved him, found him sexy. But,despite the danger of being discovered, he relaxed andsurrendered himself to the feelings and emotions ofthe moment.He also began to grunt as the intensity of the blowjobgrew. Cedric stopped sucking and bobbing long enoughto frown up at Tim as a reminder to be quiet. Timforced himself to remain silent, but it was a chore.Tim began to wiggle, to pant. He wanted to grabCedric, but he was using his hands to keep himselfupright. He wanted to scream how great he felt, howmuch the stimulation of his nipples added to theintensity of the sucking he was getting. He wanted tothank Ced, tell him how grateful he was, tell him thathe loved him.All too soon, he came. It had, after all, beensomething like fourteen hours since he had last shot.And this was, as everything was with Cedric, special,super exciting. So he unloaded a hefty amount of cumin Ced's mouth.Ced didn't lose a drop. He looked up at Tim, smiled,and opened his mouth to show Tim his cum on histongue."Ced, I don't know whether to kiss you or kick yourbutt. But thank you, my hot lover."Ced stood up and kissed Tim, feeding Tim some of hisown cum in the process. It was a long, hot kiss.When they were finished, Ced stepped back, grinned atTim, and asked, "Do you think that'll hold you until Ican fuck you?"Tim, finding the taste of his own cum much moreexciting when received from the mouth of the hunk whohad just sucked him off, had trouble processing thequestion Ced has just asked."What's that, love?""I SAID, do you think that will hold you until I canfuck you?""I guess it will have to. Why are you so good to me?""Well, duh, professor. Because I LOVE you, you hotlittle piece you!""Ced, I'd like to spend the rest of the day tellingyou how grateful I am and how special you are, butsomeone could knock on that door any minute.""Yeah, yeah. I know. But, Tim, you've got to loosenup, man. Enjoy what's happening. Take things as theycome.""If you utter one more cliche, I'm going to barf!""What a way to talk to the guy who's just given youthe second-best blowjob you've ever had.""And you would know that - how?"Cedric chuckled. "Just tell me. Lolitas Castle Am I right, or am Iright?"Tim laughed. "Your're right, lover!" He fastened uphis pants and slid off the desk. "Now, I have somebreath mints in my desk. I think we'd better bothhave a couple.""You are so cute," Cedric said. "Prepared foranything.""I wasn't prepared for what just happened, Ced. Butthank you.""Well, little stud, I DO have to go. But, if it's allright, I'll come over to your place after supper.""I've got some steaks we could broil and some saladmakings and some frozen French fries if you want tohave supper with me."Ced's face lighted up. "I'll be there - say about6:30?""You got it, `dude'."Ced picked up his book bag, gave Tim a lastminutekiss, and unlocked the door. When he opened it, Dr.Morris Stein was standing there, apparently ready toknock on the door."Good morning, Dr. Stein," Cedric said, smilingbrilliantly, "how are you this morning.""Um, er, Cedric! I'm very well thank you. And you?"Still smiling, Cedric replied, "Oh, I'm really fine,Dr. Stein, really fine!"Cedric left, and Stein came into Tim's office. "I justwanted to speak to you about a matter pertaining tothis afternoon's department meeting . . . ." * Lolitas Castle * *"Icy's Revenge" by Henry Lee Withers III (Get down, get down, little Henry Lee - Nick Cave)As soon as the door closed behind Tim Saturday night,Chaz and I broke Lolitas Castle out in a victory dance, whichinvolved lots of high-fiving, whooping and jumping,followed by getting beer from the fridge and veggingout in front of the tube.In the early morning I woke up to Kirk kissing Uhurawhat a scandal that was back then. I always wonderedwhat would have happened if he had kissed Spockinstead. Sadly, he never did.I was alone in the living room, and, frankly, I didn'tfeel too good. My back hurt from sleeping on thedamned sofa, I had a bad taste in my mouth, andsomeone seemed to be drilling holes in my head. Aclassic hangover. Deciding I needed some air, Igrabbed a jacket and my keys and went outside.The air was fresh, and the birds were disgustinglychipper. The day promised to be beautiful, and lastnight for me had been a dream come true. So why wasthis lump forming in my chest and my vision blurringwith tears?I started to run, completely in a daze, and in myinner eye I kept seeing Tim's face as he, lookinghopeless and defeated, had asked if it was all rightto go. When I looked up, I saw that my feet hadcarried me to a place I liked when I needed to think,the university's botanical garden. Of course it wasstill closed at this hour, but the gate wasn't toohigh, and I managed to climb it without breaking mystupid neck. I took my usual seat on the bench underthe willow, and then I let go, just broke downcompletely.God! What had I done? What devils had ridden me?Deep inside myself I had known all along that what wewere planning to do to Tim was wrong, totally wrong.It had been a fight against temptation, and temptationhad won. Not that I had put up much of Lolitas Castle a struggle. Iknew that getting revenge for Ced was just an excuse.What I wanted, of course, was a chance to get my handson the Iceman.Oh, my, I had wanted him for so long, so desperately!And it had been so hot, watching him come in hiskhakis! So hot that my own cock had been throbbing inpainful sympathy. And then, yesterday evening, when Iwas inside him, slowly fucking his tight sheath . . .. I knew then that I had found my heaven, my brassring, whatever.But the celebrating, the high-fiving that Chaz and Idid afterward. Where did that come from? There wasnothing for ME to celebrate. It seemed now that I hadlost everything. In the harsh light of morning, itbecame clear to me that yesterday evening hadn't beena dream come true, only a pale shadow. Yeah, I'dcaught a glimpse of paradise, but now I was east ofEden, out in the cold. Alone.What was it that blond guy sang? Life is a rollercoaster? Hah! Highway to hell, that was more like it!From heaven to hell in 2.3 with Henry Lee.How could I ever face Tim during class on Tuesday? Iknew I had to. I owed it to myself and to Tim. Iwould tell him that the sex-slave thing was off, thatI'd get Chaz to let it drop, too. And, finally, I'dhave Lolitas Castle to ask for his Lolitas Castle forgiveness -- because I wanted tobe forgiven. I'd do anything for it, anything at all.It was this thought that helped me quiet down a bit,and I dragged my weary ass home.Sunday I was miserable, slept little, ate even less.Despite my inner turmoil and self-reproach, my cockwent rigid every time I thought of Tim. I didn'ttouch it. Part of the penance.When the time came and I had to go to Tim's class, Iwas a nervous wreck. At one point it became suddenly,painfully clear to me that that was how Tim must havefelt. So I sat at my desk, filled with a sense offoreboding. Surprisingly, Ced turned up and took hisplace beside me. I hadn't seen him for a week, so Ipopped him on the shoulder. We exchanged mumbledgreetings. Then someone near the classroom door said,"The Iceman cometh!" I cringed because that had beenmy "witty" invention.And Lolitas Castle there he was, paler even than usual, his hair likea dark flame around his head. He surveyed the classwith his green green eyes, meeting my gaze for asecond. And damn! There it went again, and I wasHARD! Shit. Triple shit. I felt sweat beading on mybrow, and my hands were getting clammy. I tried torub them dry on my jeans. Oh, shit! Wrong move,buddy. Another rub down there and I'd be going offlike a rocket.Over the roaring in my ears I heard my name called."Mr. Withers, will you please come up front and readthis poem for us?"No. NO! In a desperate attempt to save what could besaved, I pulled my shirt out of my jeans, hoping it'dcover the embarrassing state I was in. It did.Almost.I had a book shoved into my hands, and, feeling like adeer caught in the headlights, I haltingly began toread:"Where are you hiding my love?I have sought you so longThat surely you must feel the pulsingOf my endless longing!"Huh? "The pulsing?" "Of my endless longing?" Oh, myGod! My voice nearly left me on that one. In thebackground I heard the class begin to snicker.And on it went."My work is but ashes, my talents only unshed tears,That flow like Lolitas Castle rivers in Lolitas Castle my desperate thirst for you.So long have I crushed the panting maidens..."Some more giggles here. I had to be glowing like abeacon meanwhile . . . ."Who did not know my passion only writhedIn lonely longing for your embrace.My boiling blood that roused my manhoodTo some fleshy sword of searching . . Lolitas Castle . ."LOTS of giggles. Out of the corner of my eye,I sawWendy Snyder whispering to Patty Rollins, POINTING atme!! Pointing at my bulging package!God! NO! Someone, anyone, save me!"Mr. Withers!"Dr. Mead's voice.Deliverance!"I think you're empathizing just a little too muchwith the poet here. You might want to go to therestroom and . . . er . . . recover a bit."That was it. The class exploded. Malicious laughterechoed around me. I fled, storming into the restroom,which at that hour, thankfully, was deserted, and gotmy cock out. A few strokes, and I came. Came like afucking geyser. My orgasm left me shaken and totallydepleted.Afterwards, I discovered that I still had thatpoetry book with me, that I had set it on top of apaper towel dispenser. I looked at its title: "ThereAre Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves." What a hoot!Tim Mead was a wolf in a sheepskin if there ever wasone! Seemed we had stirred a sleeping lion with ourstupid plan! [End of Trey's narrative]* * *As Trey was washing his hands, Cedric came into therestroom. "You OK, Tiger?" he asked."Hey, Ced. I heard you were back. I'm OK. How'sKeesha?""She's doin' fine, Trey," he said, smiling. "She'll behome from the hospital today or tomorrow. But whatabout you, man? You look pretty shook up?""Well, wouldn't you be?" Trey asked.Cedric smiled again. "Yeah, I guess Mead gotyou good, didn't he?""Oh, yeah.""Listen, Trey. You don't have another class rightnow, do you?""No, not until 1:00, actually."Putting his arm around Trey's shoulders, Cedricsuggested, "Let's go get some coffee and talk.""Sounds cool, dude, but I'm not going out of thisrestroom with your arm around me.""Oh, sorry, man," Cedric replied, hastily taking hisarm away.They walked the short distance to the huge universitycafeteria, where they got coffee and sweet rolls.Although the place was busy at midmorning, they wereable to find a table away from others. The generalhubbub made it easy for them to talk without beingoverheard."Man," Cedric exclaimed after each had tasted hiscoffee, "your rod was straight up. It must have beenabout to stick clear out of your jeans.""Yeah, when I started to get hard, I sort ofrearranged it these jeans are so tight. But by thetime I got into reading that damn poem, only my shirtkept everybody from seeing the head of it.""Well, dude, I guess the li'l prof got some revenge.""You have no idea.""Oh, I think I have. Just about every guy at sometime in high school has been in front of the classwith a stiffie.""Well, yeah. But that's not what I meant.""Wanna explain?""Ced, you're so comfortable with who you are. I mean,you're not out to the whole campus, but you've nevermade any bones about being gay to Mark, Chaz, and me.""I can just imagine what the other guys Lolitas Castle on thebaseball team would say if I came out. But you guysare my brothers. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't letyou know who I really am. And the three of you seem tobe cool with it, even Chaz, who sometimes seems to meto be a gay-basher at heart.""Tell me about it." Then, looking around to make surethey wouldn't be overheard, he continued. Lolitas Castle "See,that's the thing. Chaz is a great roomie. You Lolitas Castle knowhe can be a real party animal. You've also learnedhow loyal he can be.""Yeah, so?""Oh, shit. I'm just gonna say this. You rememberearly in the term you told me you had the hots for TimMead? You even started wearing his brand ofaftershave? You got hard in class every time?""Uh huh," Cedric answered, looking puzzled."Well, Ced buddy, I've been wearing Eternity all thistime, too."Cedric took a moment to process that. Then he smiledbroadly. Beaming into Trey's eyes, he asked, "Trey,did you just come out to me?""Duh! Got it the first time, Sherlock.""So, stud, why have you waited so long to tell yourgay brother?""I never wanted to admit it. You know, I'm reallyinto the dating thing. Don't have any trouble findinga willing wench, you know.""Yes, Don Juan, I know all about your escapades. Youhaven't exactly kept them a secret from the guys andme.""Something happened when you and I enrolled in thatclass of Mead's. I totally enjoyed the class, gotinto the reading and the discussions. But somehow Icygot to me. I was turned on by him the way you're notsupposed to be turned on by a guy.""Watch it there, dude," Cedric said, smiling."Oh, sorry Ced. But you know what I mean. I keptwondering what he was like behind that supercontrolledexterior. Not only that, but I kept wondering whatthat skinny little body looked like. I've beensuppressing feelings like that all through high schooland here too.""Really?""Yup.""And is that why you quit getting into the classdiscussions, because you were so turned on by Tim, uh,Dr. Mead?""Well partly that. But about that time, you told mehow you felt about him, so I figured you got therefirst. Besides, I needed time to sort out myfeelings.""Trey, I wish you had told me about all of that at thetime. Lolitas Castle I was miserable because I thought there was nochance in hell that Tim and I could ever `gettogether' in any way. But you and I could at leasthave commiserated. And maybe I could have helped youwith those scary new feelings you were having.""Yeah, I wish now I had. Anyway, when we heard aboutyour F at midterm, all three of us were majorly pissedwith Mead, and that's when we hatched our plan. Thatfirst evening, in his office, I really got off on therevenge thing. I was able to actually get my hands onhis tool and rub him till he came in his pants. Therehe was, helpless. He tried to explain, but wewouldn't listen. I really loved what I was doing. Itold myself it was retribution for your F. But makinghim come was so cool. He is such a hot littlefucker!""You're preaching to the choir, buddy.""OK. By Saturday night, I was really excited. Ourplan was to make him suck us off and then to . . .well, . . . .""Say it!""To fuck him. Chaz got the idea of making Mead Lolitas Castle oursex slave. By this time Mark had more or less droppedout. I wasn't keen on the idea, but it's hard to sayno to the big guy."Cedric nodded his agreement."Well, we shaved him. Chaz wrote on him. We made himsuck that big prong of Chaz's. Then it was my turn.I was practically shaking. I was about to dosomething that could only be described as GAY. And Ihad wanted to do it for weeks. But by this time I wasreally feeling bad about what we had done and wereabout to do to Mead. So I tried to let him know,without making Chaz too mad, that we didn't want tohurt him. Chaz didn't realize what I was up to. Hepicked up on what I said and told the prof that wewanted to make him like sucking and taking it up theass, that we were going to make him into a willing,eager slave."Cedric looked pained but didn't say anything."But I have to tell you, I think, after the first painwore off, the little guy loved me doing him as much asI did. He was actually helping me, tightening up whenI pulled back, shoving his ass toward me. Ced, heliked it!"Cedric continued to look unhappy. "He did, huh? Well,whatever, dude, I guess I'm honored that you came outto me." He paused a second or two. "Now, I have aquestion.""Shoot.""Does Chaz know about you? You know, about you beinggay?""I haven't told him. But despite the way he actssometimes, Chaz isn't stupid. I think he must havepretty well figured it out, especially Lolitas Castle after thatsession with Mead on Saturday night.""Do you think he's cool with it?""He seems to be. At least he hasn't said anything.He HAS been a little preoccupied lately, but I don'tget the feeling that I'm the cause.""What about Markie? I assume you haven't told him.""No, you're the only person I've talked to about this,Ced.""Don't you think you owe it to Mark to tell him? Weare all brothers, after all.""Yeah, I know. I just wanted to talk to you first. Iknew you'd understand.""Trey, Mark has known all along that I'm gay. Hisdad's gay, for pity's sake! Mark may even have pickedup on vibes from you while I was away. You talk tohim when you can. Old studly straight Mark might evengive you a big hug.""Hugs are about all I'm going to get these days, I'mafraid. So far as I'm concerned, you still have aclear shot at Mead.""Yeah, babe, I know. Listen. I've got to go. ButI've just had an idea.""What's that?""I think the li'l prof needs to know how you feel.""Ced, man, I couldn't tell him all this now,especially after what's gone on. You know, I COULDreally pay him back for what he did to me thismorning. Chaz is expecting to make him come over formore slave training this weekend, you know.""I didn't know that. Very interesting. Look, aboutletting Tim know how you really feel about him --"Yeah?""Why don't you write a story about how he got somerevenge on you this morning? Then, when you get itwritten, if Lolitas Castle you are too embarrassed to give it to him,I'll see that he gets it. You know," he added as if itwere an afterthought, "you are still stuck in hisclass for the rest of the semester. You guys don'tseriously want to go on with that slave thing, doyou?""Honestly? No. I admit I was looking forward tobeing able to have sex with Mead. Now I just don'tfeel the same about it. You know, I think I like youridea about writing something about what happened thismorning. Mead might get some satisfaction knowing howhe got to me today.""Well, Trey, it might also be an opportunity for youto let him know how you really feel about him."Trey smiled wanly. "I've been such a shit to thelittle guy. I've got a lot of thinking to do, Ced.""I can see that. Now, babe, I've got to go.But let's talk again as soon as we can.""Later, man," Trey said, "and, uh, Ced?""Yeah, bro?""Thanks."(to be continued)
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